episode 06

Taking Advantage of Australia’s Potential to Become a Services Hub for Asia

with Tony Dormer, International Business Adviser

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, Cynthia Dearin speaks to Tony Dormer, international business adviser and Director of Tricor ChewandDormers.

Originally from the UK, Tony migrated to Australia after being expelled from school at the age of 17. He started his own accounting firm from his kitchen table a few years later, and from there his career went from strength to strength.

He built his accounting practice, Kreston Dormers into an international powerhouse, before recently merging with one of the world’s major professional services group to form Tricor ChewandDormers.

This episode is particularly relevant to Australian services firms who are wondering how they can adapt their businesses to the digital revolution, and take advantage of Australia’s potential to become a services hub for Asia.

Tune in to my interview with Tony to find out:
-How to choose the right opportunities to develop yourself as an international entrepreneur.
-How to grow your business as a side-hustle to your full-time job or retainer.
-How to expand your services firm internationally through strategic alliances.
-How to get the best from and international mergers or acquisition negotiation.
-Why the legal and accounting professions need to move beyond traditional models and adapt to the digital revolution.
-The impact of AI and robotics on professional services firm – it’s not all doom and gloom.
-What Tony wishes he had known when he started out.
-Tony’s new book Born To Lead, which address the question of whether people are born with a “leadership gene”.

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