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Have you ever dreamed of expanding your existing business internationally, thought “I just don’t know where to start” and set it aside? If that’s you, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global is for you.

Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global meets the growing demand for straightforward, practical advice for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to amplify their impact on the international stage.

Written by Cynthia Dearin, Founder of Dearin & Associates and the International Business Accelerator, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global brings a fresh perspective to the challenge of creating a successful strategy for international expansion, getting up the nerve to execute it and sustaining the momentum to see you through the process.

Rich with case studies and anecdotes, practical tips and action points, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global helps business owners and entrepreneurs map out their international journey and begin the adventure of ‘going global’.

8 reviews for Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global


    The pandemic era has made many companies wary of looking at overseas expansion, but Cynthia Dearin, a consultant with extensive diplomatic and management experience, believes that there are opportunities waiting for the bold, especially with the global middle class seeing unprecedented growth. In Business Beyond Borders, she underlines the importance of research and preparation in everything, from choosing the right target market and understanding the business environment to product pricing. Spend some time in the country, she says, especially if you are looking for partners. Regulations and intellectual property rules are important, and business associations can offer assistance.

    Dearin discusses successful cases of international expansion. There is much to learn from attempts that went wrong – for example, the initial failure of Starbucks to move into Australia underlines the necessity of knowing cultural mores. Be clear on your strategy, says Dearin, and focus on one country at a time. Ensure that you have sufficient cash on hand to sustain the setup period, and put effort into developing suitable metrics. This is solid advice provided in plain language, adding up to a useful package for anyone who is ready to look for new challenges

  2. Tom Griffith

    Tremendous read from Cynthia, this book is packed full of sage advice and real truth. A must read for anyone considering global trade or involved in it and wanting a boost.

  3. Vicki Millynn

    Cynthia Dearin has again nailed it in her latest book, Business Beyond Borders. Her experience is far reaching, her knowledge vast, her advice is always first class and her writing style enjoyable. If you’re about to launch your business globally, this is the best place to start and reading this book will be a fabulous and empowering asset to your business plans.

  4. Tony Jacobson

    An essential guide for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to expand internationally or to hone their skills as an experienced global executive.

  5. Warren Hill

    Imagine you have grown a business to a certain scale and know you need to extend your borders to become a stratospheric success. Where do you go for advice? Who can take you on the journey, show the pitfalls and guide your journey across any jurisdiction, country and challenge? A practical guide to the reality of building and operating a global footprint!

  6. Alex

    Great insight into what it takes to grow your business internationally!

  7. Jemima Snow

    A great practical guide for anyone looking to expand their business internationally, regardless of whether they are just getting started or a serial global entrepreneur!

  8. John Renggie Tinkham

    Well read! It reminds me to pay attention to details in cultures including little precise differences that might make or break a business option internationally. Visuals are brilliant!

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