In a recent event, organized by Dearin & Associates in collaboration with OFX and the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Cynthia Dearin discussed the global potential of SMEs.

Most SMEs believe that “Going Global” is very difficult, but in reality it’s easier than you think. There are many examples of small Australian companies that successfully expanded into international markets in the span of a few short years, such as RecruitLoop.

RecruitLoop was founded by Paul Slezak and Michael Overell in Sydney six years ago, and is now headquartered in San Francisco and operating in 54 countries.

You can take your SME to international markets; you just need to know how.

Do you want to take your company global?

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International Business Accelerator

Jemima Riley

Jemima Riley is an international business and digital marketing consultant, with a particular focus on Australia's relations with the Middle East and China. She is Dearin & Associates' General Manager and has worked across a range of projects that build cultural and economic bridges between Australia and emerging markets.