International Trends in Clothing, Footwear, and Fashion in 2024


What’s happening in fashion? The trends of 2024 As we’re halfway through the year now, it’s a good time to reflect and acknowledge what’s going on in the world around us. The fashion industry is a big part of our daily lives and the global marketplace, with new trends emerging regularly. Trends can often dictate […]

Pricing Alchemy: Crafting a Strategic Formula for Value-driven Success


Whether you’re selling in your domestic market or further afield, how you price is critical to how customers perceive value in your offering. Your overall strategy should be reflected in your pricing. In other words, price should not drive your product and service; the results you produce, the service you provide and how you deliver […]

Getting Started in International E-Commerce?


Interested in expanding your business internationally and learning more about international modes of market entry? Pick up a copy of my latest book, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global. If you sell consumer products and you’re keen to launch into the international space, e-commerce is a great way to test overseas markets, with minimal […]

International Marketing: How to make your message stick in overseas markets


Companies encounter a bunch of challenges when it comes to marketing in other countries. Marketing departments often don’t know much about the business and cultural context of the international audiences they are trying to reach. Sometimes they are also unsure about what kind of marketing they should be doing, so they either “copy + paste” […]

Moving South of China: Doing Business in Vietnam

Moving South of China - Doing Business in Vietnam feature-image

COVID-19 shook the world during 2020, and local and global economies took a major blow. Bilateral relationships – including the Australia-China and US-China partnerships – rode the rollercoaster, highlighting the impact of international politics on foreign investment. If you have been considering investing or establishing businesses in new markets – especially in digital technologies – […]

Does Your International Marketing Strategy Suck? Here’s Why…

This week at the International Business Accelerator, we talked about international marketing and why so many companies get it wrong. Here are four of the mistakes that I see people making all time when it come to international marketing. 1. They fall into the #1 trap of international marketing The number one trap of international […]