How to Choose the Right Payroll Provider in 8 Questions


Payroll plays one of the most crucial functions in your business. This department is in charge of calculating the salary, hours worked and additional costs accrued based on the relevant state or national regulations. They are a make or break factor for employees. An American study found that 49% of employees start job hunting after […]

Pricing Alchemy: Crafting a Strategic Formula for Value-driven Success


Whether you’re selling in your domestic market or further afield, how you price is critical to how customers perceive value in your offering. Your overall strategy should be reflected in your pricing. In other words, price should not drive your product and service; the results you produce, the service you provide and how you deliver […]

International pricing: 7 things you’re probably getting wrong


If you’re selling internationally you want to be making sales and making a profit, right? And while many businesses work hard to understand how to price correctly at home, most don’t put in the same amount of effort when it comes to international markets. That’s why an awful lot of exporters price too high and […]

How to make sure your pricing is on the money


Wondering how to get your pricing right? Read on. There are a number of aspects and best practices that you should consider when pricing your products or services and that’s what this blog is about. Here are some of the best practices that you should review and apply to any pricing decisions that you make. […]

Changes to China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How could this impact your business?


The 2023 Government Work Report, released earlier this month of March 2023, has proposed to further “improve the social credit system”, bridging gaps in its implementation, the scope of data collected, and adjusting penalties for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ credit ratings. This may come with a higher risk of consequences for non-compliant business-owners and stakeholders, with […]

Are you carrying out an annual distributor performance review for partners?

carrying-out-an-annual-distributor performance review-for-partners

Year end is the time of planning, parties and performance reviews… Whilst most companies tick all of those boxes for their staff internally, I’m not so sure whether the same can be said for their channel sales partners. If you are treating your channel partners as your sales team (as you should) then you need […]

Getting Started in International E-Commerce?


Interested in expanding your business internationally and learning more about international modes of market entry? Pick up a copy of my latest book, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global. If you sell consumer products and you’re keen to launch into the international space, e-commerce is a great way to test overseas markets, with minimal […]

Sourcing trusted international distributors – tips for new players


If you’re new to ‘going global’, working with a local distributor can be a good way to enter an international market. Teaming up with a business that already has feet on the ground can bring huge gains. Whereas your business probably has specialist expertise in a particular field or technology, your partner will have deep […]

How To Take Your Expense Policy Global


As your business grows, you might be thinking about tapping into new regions or markets. While there’s a lot you can do remotely, you’re likely going to need a local team on the ground to realise your vision of building a global company. Along with recruiting local team members and developing new ways of working, […]