International IP Protection: 5 Steps to Creating an IP strategy

You have thought about what IP you have in your business, the different types of IP rights and about how you can use them to protect your assets as you expand your business overseas. Now, it’s time to get strategic and selective about what IP you are going to protect. IP protection is often about […]

International IP Protection: What type of intellectual property should you protect?

Whether you are setting-up shop in a new country, or just selling your stuff there, you will need a strategy for managing your intellectual property (IP) as you expand internationally. It can be a totally new concept or invention, an innovative design, a distinctive brand, or a combination of all three. Whatever form your IP […]

Navigating Foreign Rules and Regulations

Interested in expanding your business internationally? Pick up a copy of my latest book, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global. Welcome to the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the regulatory challenges that come up in an international expansion. Specific regulations vary from country to country and from industry to industry so I will talk in […]

International E-Commerce: When do I need to pay US Sales Tax?


You’re a small, family-owned business that manufactures consumer goods. In the last couple of years, innovative new products you’ve created plus a global e-commerce boom have prompted you to start selling internationally. So far, you’ve dipped a toe into several international markets, using e-commerce marketplaces and it’s going well, particularly in the US, where sales […]

How To Take Your Expense Policy Global


As your business grows, you might be thinking about tapping into new regions or markets. While there’s a lot you can do remotely, you’re likely going to need a local team on the ground to realise your vision of building a global company. Along with recruiting local team members and developing new ways of working, […]

Should PACER Plus mean open skies?


Key points PACER Plus is the prospective trade and economic agreement between Australia, New Zealand and the Forum Island countries. The provision of regular, reliable and competitive transport services is crucial for the Forum Island countries. Australia and New Zealand typically maintain policies of liberalisation when it comes to aviation policies, while sometimes maintaining a […]

What you need to know about bribery and corruption in Australia


Bribery and corruption aren’t words that are usually associated with doing business in Australia, but several high profile cases and an international report have recently brought the issue into focus again. The most notorious of these is the case of Russell Waugh, a former senior executive of infrastructure giant Leighton Holdings. In early 2021 he […]

Want to sell overseas? More transparency please

Fancy a pint of Guinness to drink? The dark Irish beer is available across the world. So almost any country you travel to on business, you can find a bar selling a pint of the black stuff. This is because Guinness is no longer a family owned brand but part of the multinational Diageo drinks […]