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Hey there!

I’m excited that you’re joining us for our November Intensive, Vision 2022 – it’s going to be amazing! Here’s a little of what you can expect at the event.

First up, know that this is one of our main client training events for the year. It’s not a sales thing, there won’t be any pitches. We’ll treat you just like everyone else and that means we’ll expect you to play just like a client – give 100%! Participate in all the activities, get actively involved, and contribute.

At the end of the event, we’ll both have a good feel for whether we’re a good fit for each other and if the International Business Accelerator is where you need to be. If you’d like to learn more about the program, it’s best to schedule a call with Maher, our GoGlobal Specialist right after the event. (Here’s her link to schedule a call.)

Most of all, though, I want you to enjoy the two days we’ll have together. The International Business Accelerator is an amazing global community of entrepreneurs and business owners who are expanding their businesses internationally, and I’d love you to be part of it.


Here's what's happening at the event

At our November Intensive – Vision 2022, we’ll be focusing on setting your business up for success in 2022 and realising your goal of growing your global impact.

Let’s be honest – 2021 has been a tough year for many businesses. Even if your industry has grown throughout the upheaval of the pandemic, most business owners I know are stretched thin from looking after themselves, their businesses and families in the face of continued uncertainty.

This will be your chance to take a step back and get some perspective on your business while putting together a plan for how you’ll take your business to the next level in 2022.

Everytime we run one of these intensives, we make sure there is a focus on each of the three pillars of our methodology – strategy, momentum and cash flow – plus a focus on connection and community with like-minded people.

Here’s how we’ll do that at Vision 2022:

For the Strategy piece, we’ll be looking at How to Ace Your Decisions in 2022 and I’ll teach you a decision-making framework used by NASA, so that you can make high-quality calls, even in the face of uncertainty and volatility.

In terms of Momentum, we’ll be getting you set up to get 2022 off to a flying start by setting up your 12-month game plan.

And when it comes to Cash flow, we’ll be hearing from a special guest speaker about how you can get the capital you need to turbocharge your international expansion.

We’ll also have some breakout sessions where you can debrief and problem solve with other business owners.

Start/Finish Times

The Australia/New Zealand/North America session kicks off at 9.00am AEDT (Sydney) — that’s 2.00pm Pacific and 6.00pm Eastern if you’re in the US. You can join us 15 minutes before the scheduled start times for a quick tech check to make sure your camera and microphone are working, and your Zoom software’s all up-to-date. The sessions are half-a-day each day, so you’ve got time to get back to work, or hit the sack, afterwards, depending on where you are in the world.

What To Bring

Because the event is virtual, there’s not a lot you need to bring. We’ll provide the workbooks and that we’ll use in the workshop (we have digital versions of all the materials you can download here).

You bring your well-rested self, some water, coffee and a can-do attitude!


No problems – shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you with answers.

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