Want to sell overseas? More transparency please

Fancy a pint of Guinness to drink? The dark Irish beer is available across the world. So almost any country you travel to on business, you can find a bar selling a pint of the black stuff. This is because Guinness is no longer a family owned brand but part of the multinational Diageo drinks […]

Attention Business Leaders, Global Expansion Starts With You

Global Expansion

Assuming a leadership role is no piece of cake, as leaders hold a huge burden to drive a business to success. For business leaders with aspirations to “go global”, a key question is whether or not you have the right mindset to expand overseas. Your readiness and willingness to take the risk, to use your […]

Colombia: An Economic Miracle

To most people Colombia continues to be an unknown quantity, a country which has done its violent image few favours in the past. However the country’s well publicised peace process and move to end a stubborn insurgency against FARC rebels has dominated the media and optimism has surrounded the country’s political environment. Economic Miracle What […]

The UAE: No Longer a Cultural Desert

On a recent visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I was surprised by the opportunities in the cultural and creative industries. I watched my first Abu Dhabi-made film and heard talk about the imminent opening of the Etihad Museum in Dubai and the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.  The Guggenheim is also planning a museum in […]

Qatar: Gateway to the Gulf?

At first glance, Qatar is not the obvious choice as a gateway into Iran.  Dubai is often cited as the entry point on the Arabian side of the Gulf and indeed has long acted as a trading hub for Iran.  However, Qatar is emerging as a regional business centre in its own right. The return […]

Rejuvenation in Argentina

With confidence seeping out of China and despair deepening in Brazil, Argentina isquickly emerging as one of the brightest spots among the world’s larger emerging markets. Rejuvenation is the name of the game in Latin America’s third largest economy, as newly-elected President Mauricio Macri is quickly reversing a decade-plus of failed policies and poor economic management in one […]

Seven Mistakes Guaranteed to Wreck Your Perfect Pitch Deck

Raising money from investors for a startup (or a going concern) is always a challenge – even if you’re an experienced founder. Sourcing capital involves selling ideas, convincing would-be backers that you have the capacity to execute your ideas and knowing your numbers – in short it requires a great pitch.  And if you have a […]

The Middle East Needs Australia’s Food – Four Things You Should Know

For Australian food exporters looking to expand internationally, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is a lucrative, high-income and high-value food export market that is growing exponentially in size, variety and revenue. Australia conducts aroundAUD$4 billion in food and agricultural trade with the GCC states each year, but there’s still plenty of scope for Australian […]