Indonesia: A Serious Place to Invest

Indonesia is the third largest democracy in the world after the USA and India and is also the largest Muslim country by population.  People tend to know it more for the congestion of Jakarta and the beauty of Bali, than one of South East Asia’s (SEA) more attractive investment locations.

What does the US-China trade war mean for Australia?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the US-China trade war. Over the past year, the world’s two largest economies have imposed tariffs on billions of dollars worth of one another’s goods. US President Donald Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft. In China, there […]

Growing the Australian Economy

I attended the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business Leaders Summit at Parliament House in Canberra this week and the hot topic was how to maintain the continuing record of growth into twenty nine plus years for Australia.

Is the UK Still an Attractive Location for Business?

I am often asked by people who pick up on my English accent about the UK’s decision to leave the the European Union and what it means for the country as a continuing base for operations in that part of the world. This blog attends to political issues and then moves onto business – please bear with me!

Doing Business in Hong Kong: Why Geopolitics Matters

One of the main elements to consider when moving into overseas markets is the geopolitics that surround a territory. For the most part, this is often background noise as the time scales that make any problems manifest are often counted in multiple years rather than months. Sometimes, though, there is the apocryphal frog in the […]

Why Aussie Engineering Firms Should Look Abroad

With Australia’s mining boom well and truly over and infrastructure spending at a low ebb in most Australian states, Australian engineering firms looking to the future are right to wonder where new work will come from. The good news is that because the vast majority of the world’s building and infrastructure market lies beyond our […]

Is the “next big thing” for your company overseas?

As an SME leader, your top priority is to grow your company. You understand that building a pipeline of work, securing recurring revenue and scaling your business depends upon identifying opportunities and being prepared to capitalise on them. What you may not have realised is that the “next big thing” for your company that once […]