episode 37

Launching Your Global Business Online

with Wayne Richard, Director of Global Operations at Bean Ninjas

How would it be if you could jump online, find a business partner and launch a global business – just like that! …..

Well, that’s what my guest today did. Wayne Richard is the Director of Global Operations at Bean Ninjas, a company that provides Xero bookkeeping, financial reporting, and training for digital entrepreneurs and online businesses.

He spent most of his career as a corporate accountant and worked at Hewlett Packard. But when he found out that he and his wife were expecting triplets, Wayne quit the corporate world and became a freelance accountant… and then something  little wild happened. We’ll talk about that today.

Today, Wayne is on a mission to lead his distributed team to create time, location & financial freedom for coaches, consultants, and owners of e-commerce businesses.

Tune it to find out:

  • How Wayne struck an international partnership without meeting his business partner in person.
  • How bean ninjas grew from two solopreneurs working in different countries to a global firm.
  • How Bean Ninjas acquired its global clients.
  • The key levers that companies need to pull to grow globally.
  • How Bean Ninjas has built and empowered its global team.

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