Managing market exposure: China’s relationship with Australia in an era of volatility

Increasingly clients are asking for advice when contemplating doing business in China particularly given the recent, aggressive stance taken by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) towards Australia with what appears to be the weaponising of economic relations. Then you have the experience of Jack Ma who clearly sailed too close Read more…


International Product-Market Fit: Making sure your product will sell… before you start selling

When it comes to selling internationally, big mistakes are often made around product-market fit. It’s easy to understand how it happens. When companies are intimately acquainted with the desires and expectations of customers at home and have been meeting those to a high standard for a long time, they sometimes Read more…

Street Economics: Australia and the World

Australian politicians and government statisticians paint a picture of optimism in the first case and caution in the latter.  One can see the role of politicians to be positive and for the person in the street to carry on regardless, doing the best they can.  But, if you look at the High Street of any city or town in Australia, and other developed economies, you will see that not all is well.


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