International Product-Market Fit: Making sure your product will sell… before you start selling


When it comes to selling internationally, big mistakes are often made around product-market fit. When companies are intimately acquainted with the desires and expectations of their domestic customers, they sometimes get complacent. When the time comes to expand to new markets overseas, companies think they can replicate what they’ve done at home overseas and get the same result. But this just isn’t the case, as a bunch of companies have learnt the hard way.

Can little Aussie food companies really take the world by storm?

There has been a lot of talk about Australia becoming the “food bowl” of Asia over the last few years and the trade statistics indicate that Australia’s trade with the rest of the world in food products continues to increase. Take for example, wine sales, which increased in value by 11% in 2016, reflecting increasing […]

So… What’s Stopping You From “Going Global”?

Is your company successful at home? Do you believe it could do ten times better if you expanded internationally? I know a lot of businesses and owners in that category. They’re doing quite well in their local market and they’re like “it would so cool to expand to Singapore … and then China” …. or […]

Why Expanding into International Markets Is Not a Crazy Idea (Part 3)


It’s that time of the week again … blog time. This week, I’m concluding my three-part blog on why expanding into international markets isn’t a crazy idea. In Part One, we looked at key global trends which make now the best time in history to enter international markets. In Part Two, I outlined the three […]

Why Expanding into International Markets Is Not a Crazy Idea (Part 2)


In last week’s post, Why Expanding into International Markets Is Not a Crazy Idea (Part 1), I talked about why I believe that there has never been a better time to take your business to the world. I also outlined a few of the key reasons that companies should be looking abroad and considering how […]

Why Expanding Into International Markets Is Not a Crazy Idea (Part 1)


Is the World Really Your Oyster? Stock market volatility, plummeting oil prices, China’s economy in crisis. The international stage is a pretty scary place these days, and businesses frequently perceive international markets as faraway, risky and full of unknowns. Why expand internationally? It’s not just that international markets are foreign and scary, they can also […]

Cynthia Dearin interviews Melinda Richards about SuperSprout

Cynthia Dearin, Managing Director of Dearin & Associates, interviews Melinda Richards about going global with her company SuperSprout, which delivers a 100% pure, real, non-GMO fruit and vegetable powders with no additives, preservatives or artificial colours. Melinda started her own business after 21 years in the corporate world. She was inspired by her entrepreneur father […]

Cynthia Dearin interviews Aaron Gilchrist about Bridge to Life

Cynthia Dearin, Managing Director of Dearin & Associates, interviews Aaron Gilchrist, one of the original partners of Bridge to Life Pty Ltd. Aaron grew his company from a tiny two-man operation in the US to an international company operating in 50 markets around the world. Bridge to Life is working with the cause of organ […]

How is Dearin & Associates Helping Small Businesses Leverage International Opportunities?

In a recent event organized by OFX, Cynthia Dearin discussed how Dearin & Associates can help small businesses expand into international markets.Dearin & Associates launched the International Business Accelerator (IBA) in 2017. The IBA is a structured training and coaching program that speeds up and de-risks the process of taking a small business into international […]